Mud and 80's Music

I'm pretty sure Andrew and I went on the best date night ever this weekend.

Not only did the kids go spend the night away, which resulted in a glorious morning with no wake up calls, but we got to go see Journey.

This date night was a total sacrifice for Andrew.

He's not a huge Journey fan.  Plus he ran the Muck Ruckus that morning and was super tired and super duper sore by the time the concert rolled around.

The Muck Ruckus for MS was pretty much Andrew's version of Heaven.

Mud and muck and huge walls to climb.  He had to cross a huge river, run 5 miles, and belly crawl through a disgusting pile of who knows what.

 Gabe was there too but jailed in the stroller all morning.  Too much mud.

Josie spent the morning telling everyone her Daddy would never make it on this obstacle.

But he did!

I'd have been crying, but he was all smiles!

Rewarded with a t shirt, bbq, and beer.  One happy dude.

Thank God he fell in a huge water hole right at the end or I would have had to strap him to the hood of my new car.

After the obstacle course, we ran home to change and back out the door to drop the kids off.  It is so awesome to have people that love our kids.  They had the best time spending the night off with friends which makes it a little easier not having them home.

We were super early for the concert so we went to dinner and putzed around Atlanta.

Then it was show time.

I sang loud and Andrew, honest to God, fell asleep on the blanket.  He's an awesome date.


miamihoney said...

Wow, that Muck sounds pretty intense. Great job! Glad you could get away with the hubby and have fun. We all need that outlet.

Kameron said...

I can't imagine trying to stay awake after that either! Liz keeps trying to talk me into one of those mud run things, but I am not a huge mud fan!