Geography - South America

We are half way through our Continent Studies.

I feel like we are skipping over a ton of great stuff, but these mini units have me super excited to dig in deeper.  For a girl that has never been very interested in geography, that's a pretty cool thing.

This past week was South America.

On our first lesson, we read about South America and some of the traditions and customs there.  

I'm using Usborne's People of the World as my base for all of our continent studies.  This go round, we are just skimming the basic facts but this book is full of awesome information.

I knew she'd love hearing that children in Venezuela get hot chocolate with breakfast.  Especially if it meant that she would too.

In one of our books we read that some people in the rainforest eat fried ants.

Josie wasn't too sure she wanted to try that one.

So we didn't try fried ants.  But we did make quesilla (little cheesecake) which was actually more like flan then cheesecake.

Our family was split on this recipe.

Josie liked it, Andrew wouldn't try it, I thought it tasted like soufflé, and Gabe said he didn't like it but his actions said otherwise.


We didn't just eat.  We used a lot of great resources to learn a ton about the Rainforest, the Andes Mountains, the Amazon River, Carnival, and Machu Picchu.  South America is pretty awesome.

I discovered that National Geographic Kids website has a ton of videos on every country and continent in the World.  The kids loved the videos and we learned a lot from them.  It was cool to get to see so much of the country.

Quesilla Recipe


Deborah said...

Fried ants. Yes, well, I don't think we'd be too keen on trying them either. :o) LOL

The Paper Maid

Sarah said...

I love Josies face at the suggestion of eating fried ants!

You are inspiring me with your continent lessons :) I'm totally with you...homeschooling is like getting to learn things all over, only this time around you enjoy it more.

We are split around here with flan too!

Marcy Crabtree said...

Such a fun way to learn!

Thanks for linking up with Friday Fun School. Would you mind giving me a link back please?