Curriculum Switch Up

We are just a little over two months into kindergarden.

It's going better then I ever thought it would.  It took a little rearranging and replanning, but our days run smooth and everyone is pretty happy.  Josie has been blowing me away with her reading and math skills.  It's so fun to be the one teaching her.

In true homeschool fashion, we have switched a few of our curriculum choices.

All my original choices are excellent companies, but as I learn Josie's learning style it was obvious that a few just weren't right for her.  Being able to change gears two months into school is by far one of my favorite homeschooling perks.  If something doesn't work, we can just try something else!

So here's a little update on what we are using now.

We are reviewing Excellence in Reading and Excellence in Writing for the TOS Homeschool Crew and I am in love with this program.  It uses stories, games, and poems which is right up Josie's alley.  This program rolls reading, writing, and spelling into one big lesson.  It all flows together so well.  Josie had already learned the first half of each book, but I decided to go over it all again just to be sure she was firm on the phonics side of it.

Excellence in Writing came with All About Spelling.  I've heard amazing things about All About Spelling so I'm excited to dive into this one.  We start next week.

Our last change was with math.

As much as I love Math U See, it just wasn't clicking with Josie.  I switched her to Math Mammoth a couple of weeks ago and she is flying through it.  Math is now one of her favorite subjects!  I couldn't beat the price of this program either.  I'm glad she likes the cheapest program I found!

Josie is also doing AWANAS at our church.  She goes every Wednesday and has a blast with the girls in her group.  Last week they had drive in movie night and she hasn't stopped talking about it.  I use the weekly verses and workbook as our Bible lessons.

I'm thinking that we have found the curriculum that we will stick with for the year.

I decided to sign on for another semester on the TOS Crew though so I very well may fall in love with some other things!


Stefenie said...

Glad you that you are feeling more confident in your choices in curriculum for Josie and seeing great results!

Milk and Honey Mommy said...


It is good that you are learning Josie's learning style, which is so important when teaching your child. We are also enjoying PAL from IEW. We were introduced to the company through TOS Crew w/curriculum for the older student on a previous review and I completely fell in love w/the curriculum. I just transitioned my oldest to Math Mammoth and will do the same w/my younger two when they get older. I use RightStart for my younger two.

We absolutely love AWANA.