Write Shop

For the most part, my teaching style is simple.  

If you want to learn how to write, write.  If you want to learn how to read, read.  Practice makes perfect and even if your writing looks like chicken scratch and you misspell every word, you'll get it if you keep trying.  

For the past couple of years I haven't used any kind of writing curriculum.  Josie has done pen pal letters and copy work to learn correct letter formation and placement.  She's got that down and is finally ready for some direction with writing real stories and sentences.

We got the chance to try out Write Shop Primary - Book A and, y'all, it's awesome!

Write Shop teaches writing very gently and with a lot of great activities.  

There are crafts and stories and projects to make the writing seem less like work and more like we were creating something fun together.  I loved that this program is designed for pre-writers and kids that can already write.  Each lesson takes us about 5 to 10 minutes.  

This is a creative writing program, not a handwriting program, so on the days that Josie just doesn't feel like writing I have her dictate her story to me and I write it in for her.  The goal was to get her thinking creatively and making stories.  She did write quite a few, but I didn't push it.

Each lesson has 8 parts.  This makes it very easy to incorporate into our schedule since we are doing a four day school week this year.  We just finished the first unit which had her writing short stories about pets.

We started by writing each lesson on this chart paper.  I won't lie, writing on this huge notebook is my favorite part of WriteShop!

At the end of the unit, she published a story on a kite and shared it with everyone who would listen.  She was so proud!

This is a great program.  

I love how quick the lessons are.  They manage to fit in some great creative writing in a short amount of time.  Josie has loved each lesson and it has really helped her think outside the box when she thought up what she wanted to write about.

While Level A is pretty simple, the WriteShop program has levels all the way through high school.  I am planning to continue this program throughout the kids schooling.  I'm already looking forward to the upper levels to come!

You can learn more about WriteShop or purchase the program from the website by clicking here.

Disclaimer:  I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are mine.