New Mercies

Last week someone snuck into my house and stole my joy.

It started when Gabe learned to crawl out of his crib and thought it was an awesome game to see how many times he could wake Josie up during nap time.  I tried everything, including putting those blasted child safety doorknob covers on his doors to lock him in.  Within 10 minutes of closing him in he had emptied a jar of vasoline, dumped half a bottle of lotion, and busted the doorknob cover straight off the door.

After a week, he decided to start sleeping in his crib again.  I thought this would bring back our smooth days but Josie decided it was her turn to drive me nuts and started to take the role of Big Sister a little too seriously.

Girlfriend was so unbelievably bossy and mean to Gabe.  It was bad.  Thursday night I scream yelled at them and scared them to death.

I felt awful.  Worse then awful.

I totally lost my cool and could not regain my Mama Mojo.

Thankfully, whoever stole my joy snuck back in Friday night and brought it back.

I woke up Saturday morning feeling ten shades of grateful and ready to regain control of this crew.

I offered up pancakes shaped like mittens and the great state of Minnesota as a peace offering to the kids and we had a long talk about each of our roles in this house.

So far, so good.

After thinking about it over the weekend I decided I'm ok with having a few bad days if it means the rest of our days are full of good moments.  I'm glad that these days are so few and far between.

We have lots of good stuff going on too.

Josie is really starting to read and about to lose four more teeth any day.  Gabe is pretty much done potty training and hasn't asked for his paci once since we tossed it a couple of weeks ago.  We started coop classes last Friday and have some fun field trips coming up.  Andrew is doing great back at Waffle House and we have set up an awesome babysitting trade with some friends.

Top that off with my new pumpkin spice candle burning and I'm pretty sure I've got my mojo back.

I'm so glad the yucks are behind us.  Hoping they stay away for a very long time.

"Because of the Lord's great love, we are not consumed.  
His mercies never end, they are new every morning."
Lamentations 3:22-23


christina said...

WOW what an event ... lol ... we all loss our cool at some point ... don't be to hard on yourself :)

kimmer said...

Being a mom is the very hardest job there is. Occasionally it can feel overwhelming. Every single parent will feel this way at times. I love it that you talk things over with them and explain things the best you can. I think you are an awesome Mom!!!

Kameron said...

I think we were having that day on the same day. I hate that i let my patience get pushed to the point where I yell. I feel like, how are they supposed to know how to behave if I can't even control my temper. Glad I'm not a lone in this and that we do get do-overs. :)

Kaia said...

My favorite song ever is "Great is Thy Faithfulness." "Morning by morning, new mercies I see..." :)

Becca said...

Oh girl, I literally just screamed at Jayci like 10 minutes ago becuase she will not go to sleep and girlfriend just has so much freakin' attitude . . . she is driving me crazy. Anyways, I feel your pain and I'm glad you're feeling better! :-)