Still Growing

I had pretty much come to terms with our garden being a done deal by the time we got home from Minnesota.

I had made a long list of things that I'm going to do differently next year and stored all the excess that I could before we left.  

I headed out yesterday morning to start pulling up all the dead plants and was pretty surprised to find that, while it's a complete mess, the garden isn't done yet.

The cucumbers are growing into the green beans that are growing into the tomato plants.

My mums are seriously giant.  I have never seen them get as big as they are right now.

My okra plant, that had only produced three okras, was covered.  I picked 10 and there are still more coming in.

The green beans that just wouldn't give me a single bean are now in full force.  I've given two bags away and frozen a couple bags for the Winter.  We have been eating them all week and it looks like we should have a few more harvests coming in.

There are still cucumbers and green peppers coming too.  

The only plants that have given up the fight against the bugs are the yellow squash and the tomatoes.  

And the newbies causing the most excitement around here are these guys:

We have more watermelons coming in then we ever have before.  

This plant has taken over a good 10 feet of the garden.  Next year we are going to do a watermelon mound somewhere far away from the rest of the plot.

 And it's just about time to start picking pears, pomegranates, and figs!

The pear tree is heavy with fruit like it is every year.  I've never been able figure out the right time to pick them, but we have hundreds on the tree and I'm not letting them go to waste this year.  If anyone has any pear harvesting or ripening tricks, send them my way.

So overall, we are having an awesome gardening season.

I'm convinced I have the most self caring garden ever!


Brianna Bell said...

beautiful!!! How long have you had your garden for? It looks like you've done a lot of work, and now your hard work is paying off!! yummy!

kimmer said...

You have a green thumb after all!!! That us do cool that you have all those pears!!! I know they are really good juiced along with apples as the guy at the farmers market has that mix and it tastes awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

I have always heard that putting fruit in a paper bag will help ripen them. Pear Jam/ Preserves would be great to make

Milk and Honey Mommy said...


That is great that something is still growing. Pears and pomegranates; yummy. We planted late this year and at last check, we'll have plenty of tomatoes for a while. We may even have pumpkins by the time October rolls around.

I've already started making plans for the garden next year. First note is to not plant so much together. Not only are the vegetables we planted growing together, but I dropped the ball and never headed out the door to weed. Unless it is really obvious, sometimes I am unable to tell a vegetable plant from a weed. Okra will defintely be on the list next year.

Pickled Pandas said...

You are VERY lucky! When we came back from visiting family, we lost so many of our vegetables. We are still in the learning process of what grows well in our yard and how we will do things differently next year.