Minnesota Wrap Up

I have a completely inappropriate amount of pictures to share with you.

I'd apologize, but I love each and every one so I won't.  

Vacation is over.  

We have some exciting life changes going on around here and school starts back in 10 days.  Regular, Non-Minnesotan Posts will return next week, but first I must unpack and you must indulge me in one last Minnesota photo dump.


kimmer said...

Every photo a treasure! What a great time we had! I am missing our late night scrabble games...but missing you and your beautiful children more! Hugs! MaeMae

Kelli said...

Gabe's hat is just fantastic. I love it that you guys had ice cream so frequently on your vacation. And I'd love to know about that green piano!

Little for a Little While said...

So cute. And love that green piano!