Purminerny 2.0

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After a record breaking day at the airport (saving that for another post), we are home.

It was the most perfect trip.  I know it goes without saying, but it went by way too fast.  It always does. The night before I left I kept wondering how I could be so ready to come home and so sad to leave at the same time.  Leaving Minnesota is always an internal battle that takes me a few days to recover from.

Good thing Andrew was waiting in his ripped pajama pants at the door when we got home.  He softens the Homesick Blows.

We went up for all the normal reasons, but also to celebrate Aaron and Nora's wedding.  

They got married in December after my brother had a tumor removed from his brain.  Their wedding is one of my all time favorite memories.  Their ice cream social reception is another favorite.  

The people just know how to throw a party.

The record breaking temps took a break for the day and we enjoyed a perfect summer day, eating ice cream from a truck and loving every part of life.  Aaron and Nora have this way of just being that snaps me into focus on the things in life that matter.  

My pictures don't do justice to how great the day was and I ended up putting the camera down to just enjoy our family and friends, but it was beautiful and fun and just plain perfect.

Congratulations again Aaron & Nora!


kimmer said...

It was a most wonderful day....so filled with love, friendship and happiness! And the weather on this day was the most perfect! I feel so blessed and amazed by the beauty that surrounded all of us. And the ice cream truck and candy buffet along with the fabulous lunch....it was all PERFECTO!!!

Kaia said...

Hehe, nice pic of Gabe sidling up to the candy buffet ;) Love the heart "skewers" lining the path. Your brother and his wife look like such a fun couple!

Little for a Little While said...

What a fun party idea, I love it!

Amber said...

LOVE IT! Looks like it was so them and so homey (in a good way)!!! So excited for them!!!

Nora said...

So glad you all were there, we miss you already...but we'll see you in January, riiiiiight?