What a week.

This picture of my darling daughter pretty much sums up my days over the past week.

I'm not sure exactly what emotion it conveys, but it's accurate.

Our mornings have rocked.  Chores get done without whining, everyone is dressed and groomed before we belly up to the school table, school gets done with smiles and laughs and jelly beans all around.

But something happens after nap time and we all turn into crazed monsters.

It's like the Witching Hour (if you're a Mom, you know what time I'm talking about) has decided to extend itself an extra 2 hours around here.  And this go round I'm just as grumpy as they are.

I guess if I'm going to be really honest, I'm probably the culprit of all the attitudes flying around.

I'm hoping it was just an off week and that we are on track to normalcy again.

The pool finally finished filling up, so that should help.

Water logged babies are happy babies.

And tanned mamas are happy mamas.

How about a little family update?

Little Nicci's is going crazy.

Our humble little pizza place is staying super busy and keeping us on our toes.  It's been pretty exciting to watch it growing from nothing.  Andrew's having a blast with it and we are both really happy with the new changes.  I'm most happy with the unlimited pizza and ice cream flowing through the house.

Gabe's doing great.

He had a cardiologist appointment yesterday.  He had to have an EKG and an ECHO then we had to wait to talk to the doctor about the results and his medications.  Gabe was a trooper and was rewarded with a whipped cream sundae from Starbucks and a long nap.

The doctor was really pleased with all his numbers.  His oxygen levels were a little low, but he has a cold so that's normal.  His heart sounded great.  She said she didn't hear any leaking or back flow.  The ECHO confirmed that the back flow of blood is minimal and his heart looks great.  While it isn't improving, it isn't deteriorating either.  He has gained 2 pounds and grown almost an inch since March.

And he has fallen in love with tractors.

Josie is reading.

It's been a frustrating process, but last month we started doing sight word flash cards and she memorized them insanely fast.  Then just this past week a light switch went on and she can decode three letter words. I'm not sure who smiles bigger when she gets them right.  Story time takes extra long now that she wants to read any words that she can, but hey, I taught her that!

It's awesome.

She's growing so much lately.  I'm afraid this is the last summer for her beloved Purple Twirly Dress.  She's been wearing this for 2 1/2 years now!  I better be on the hunt for a replacement.

That's about it for us. 

What's new in your neck of the woods?  Any grumps sneaking around your place?


Teresa said...

I'm so happy to read about a good cardiology appt for Gabe.

Our Cataleya has Hypoplastic Right Heart which carries it's own scary stuff, but has the same 3 surgery fix as HLHS. We're gearing up for the Glenn in July, and I keep looking at your pictures of Gabe and it gives me hope that all this craziness is not in vain. She'll be growing and getting rewards for good Cardio visits soon enough :)

Thanks for sharing your story. It has blessed me so much.

kimmer said...

i love to see these faces!!! Even that silly one Josie is making (1st photo) Geeeez...I love these children!