Let's talk about running today.

I am not a runner.

In fact, this pretty much describes me and running to a T.

Source: tumblr.com via Nicole on Pinterest

And if I'm totally honest, you'd really need to call an ambulance since instead of running from whatever is chasing me, I'd just lay down and let it eat me.

But I've been watching my best friend, Amber, train for a marathon and thinking her running shorts look pretty comfy.  Then she got new shoes and I always want new shoes.

And then I went swimsuit shopping in Arizona and had a little issue with some extra skin on my back and pouch (which is what I call the puffy spot under my belly button).

After much research, I learned that fudge cake and wine will not shrink my problem areas.  I've accepted that I need a little cardio in my life.

Disclaimer: I do not think I need to lose weight.  I've been blessed with an insane metabolism that has kept me at my high school weight for 11 years. 

We have a big dirt circle around our house that has 2 hills.  Pretty much my own running track right outside my door.

Being healthy and having more energy and getting out of my house without children is sounding pretty wonderful.

My excuses are dwindling.

So, I'm running.

Not very fast.  Not very far.  But I'm running.

With cute new running shorts and some kicking new shoes.


Anonymous said...

Yay for you! Before you know it, you will be "runner!" You won't be able to stop. And if for some reason you have to, you will be grumpy about it. Best addiction you can ask for!

Bill Hubbard said...

Running can be addicting and deffinately the best & fastest way to loose the pooch - I think I need to get the shoes out & dust them off. Best part is it's awesome quite time with your Savior!! Enjoy - when it hurts keep going! Sherina

Anonymous said...

My sweet friend at work/ my work out partner is a runner... me walking slows her down- so I am determined to learn how to run by August!! Good luck girl!!

And seriously about the Fudge Cake and wine?? I have not seen that in writing in any of the Health Journals that I peruse. :o)

Marlo said...

Way to go! I never thought I was a runner. But I am now. It feels great to prove yourself wrong every once in a while!