Whole Family (embraced)

Andrew hates getting family pictures done.

Hates it.

But what he doesn't hate is adoption.  So when my work (Faith, Hope, Adoption) needed some adoptive families to come get photos done for our new brochures, he agreed.

I'm not letting him out of our Fall Photo Session that I've been dreaming up since last Spring, so this year I get two family portraits!  Yea me!

So here you go, the face of Foster Care Adoption:

I swear the kids like us.


Maura said...

so cute!

Amber said...

Lovely! They came out well, your family is beautiful!

Nicole said...

Oh, I love them! You are beautiful and so is your precious family!

Amber said...

These are my favorite pics of you guys! I'm seriously going to print a copy off and hang it on my wall cause I'm weird like that! :)

Annetta Bosakova said...

Beautiful family!

Traci said...

He may not like it but he sure doesn't look like he doesn't! Beautiful family.