She's a Pope - Take 4

It's been four years since we changed her name.

The old was gone and the new was official.

This baby girl who slept the whole way to the court house, cried when the judge tried to hold her, and giggled at everyone waiting outside the glass window is now more of a Pope than I dreamed possible.

Her Daddy's girlfriend.  Her Mommy's bird.

It still blows my mind that someone just dropped her off at our house and, just like that, I was a Mom.

How can this stunning child be all mine?

To celebrate her Adoption Day Anniversary, we got her tickets to see Disney on Ice with a friend.

She wanted to go dressed as Rapunzel and who am I to tell her no on her special day.

I even agreed to straighten her hair for the occasion.  Which is seldom allowed since it makes her look 18.

And Gabe refused to be outdone by her costume.

She decided to bring Olivia as her date.

These two have become close over the past month or so.  Which is good since they'll be joining us for part of our vacation next month.

They had a great time running wild through the food court during dinner and staring at the show, mesmerized from the first scene.

Happy Adoption Day Josie Girl!  Thank you for making me a Mommy.

**Don't forget that our 2nd First Day Link Up will happen on Monday! Get those cameras out Saturday night and snap away all day Sunday. See you back Monday morning for the fun!


Maura said...

Happy Adoption Day!

Amber said...

Gabe's costume is still cracking me up! Silly boy!

Thank you again for inviting us along! Olivia loved it!!!

And I now have the to break out "The Circle of Life" again! : )

kimmer said...

There are some people that come into our lives and from that moment our lives are forever changed. I thank God every single day for that beautifu,l precious little girl, and I can't imagine the world without her! I love you Josie!

Alana said...

She is a gorgeous girl!! Happy Adoption Day!

Kaia said...

I'm gonna try for First Day this time!