She's Finally Five

Josie's been waiting on this day for a year and a half.

She's finally reached the age that holds so much magic and wonder for her.


Oh my.

As much as she wanted to skip four and just be five last year, I have to say, four was pretty good to Josie.

It was a good year.

She learned to play soccer, went on seven vacations, and donned more costumes then I can count.

Her imagination grew leaps and bounds and she learned to write her name and lost her first teeth.

And while she may not have changed as much as Gabe did in the past year, I can't help but notice how stinking happy she was all year.

She makes me so very proud.

This was the first birthday that I was sure I'd have a hard time with.  

Five seems so much like a big girl.  

Out of my comfort zone.  

Entering that strange land of Not A Baby, But Still A Baby.

But as I looked through these pictures, I noticed that she's turning into this super cool, amazing, funny, little lady.  

And really, five doesn't seem that scary anymore.

In fact, I think this year may be her best one yet.

Happy 5th Birthday My Sweet Josie Kat.

I hope it's all that you've thought it would be!


♔Emerald Delfie said...

Happy Birthday, Josie!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Josie!!!!!

Crystal said...

Happy Birthday,Josie!!

Kaia said...

Your children are sooo perfectly adorable! And your photography is very good also!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Josie! I know 5 was hard...but,just wait!
Shelby turns "15" this coming weekend!!!! Yikes O_o
Amy King