Breakfast Disney Style

As if our day at Disney wasn't enough of a treat for the kids, Aunt Nora and Uncle Aaron got us in to the Character Breakfast the next morning.

We ate breakfast with Minnie, Donald, and Goofy.

Well, the adults ate breakfast.  The kids were way to excited to do much eating.

Josie and Gabriel even got a surprise birthday celebration!

Oh Gabriel, you sweet little nugget.

It's moments like these that I look at my babies and can't help but think of how close they came to having a life of poverty and neglect.

I totally get that all of this is material and totally unnecessary, but Andrew and I want to give them every luxury that we can.  

The image of the surprise on their faces when they realized that Minnie Mouse was singing to them will be etched in my mind forever.

I'm so happy to be the one to give them this life.


Kameron said...

I grew up with a mother on disability and, while we weren't in poverty, we were pretty close. I feel the same way about giving my kids experiences. I try not to overly spoil them, but it is hard when I know what it feels liek to go without.

kimmer said...

so so very cool!!! We love these kids more than words can describe! What a great trip!