Wiggle It...

My baby is about to lose her first tooth.

Make that her first TWO teeth.

We were brushing her teeth the other night and I noticed something white behind her bottom teeth.

I was sure it was some foreign food object stuck back there.

No way it could be any sort of tooth.

The girl isn't even 5 yet!  Kids don't lose teeth this early!

But sure enough, a panicked inspection revealed Josie has not one, but two loose teeth.  

One of them has a grown up tooth popping through behind it.

Which apparently is kind of common and is called "shark teeth."  

I called the dentist this morning after spending the night convinced that her teeth would be forever jacked up if I didn't tug out the baby tooth.  They told me to chill out.  If it doesn't come out in the next two weeks they will bring her in to check it out.

That's right.

Only two more weeks of all baby teeth.

I've handled all Josie's milestones like a trooper.

Proud of how she's growing up.

But this one has me in a tizzy.

Something about losing teeth seems like such a big girl thing to do.

As if turning five wasn't going to be hard enough on me.

So here's what could be the last picture of Josie Girl with all her baby teeth...

She is so excited.

You'd think losing teeth was like winning a shopping spree.  

She's been wiggling and wiggling and wiggling.

I have a feeling 2012 is going to be a big year for Josie.


Amber said...

I want you to know i'm sitting here at the breakfast table in tears and my family thinking I'm crazy for crying over baby teeth! Jk has been our first baby to watch grow up and I'm in shock and heart broken this day has already come! Tell her to slow down please, I go out of town for four days and she has to go ahead and grow up on us! : (

Kaia said...

Crazy-she's way too little!!

kimmer said...

Actually it's wonderful.....healthy, happy and normal! Every step of the way is special and we want to welcome it and be excited along with her! She is Beautiful!!!