The Brink

I've spent the past week on a lot of brinks.

The Brink of Tears.

The Brink of Exhaustion.

The Brink of Fear.

I haven't been able to listen to any music without losing it.  I even cried at Andrew singing twinkle twinkle little star to Josie the other day.

And Lord help me if anyone asked for updates on my brother.

They were guaranteed to see that gross face where you know you're about to cry so you squish your face any way you know how to prevent crying in public.

It wasn't just the insane amount of stress and worry that my brother's excavated brain tumor and impending test results caused that had me feeling like a basket case.

It just felt like on top of that, my world was going buserk. 

 Our schedule filled to the brim when all I wanted to do was hop on a plane and fly North.

Amy, Amber, and I had planned a big Girl's Night/Crafty Party a few weeks back for this past Friday.

But then I spent the week with a knot in my stomach and really just needed a chill night.

Lucky for me, my girlies are expert chillers.

My side of the table doesn't look very "chill" does it?!?

The non-profit I work for had the big annual fundraising event Saturday night and I was desperately behind on the prep, not to mention the last minute stuff that comes up with something like that.

So I spent the night formatting and printing and organizing letters, certificates, and all kinds of important papers.

And then I left them on the counter the next day when they needed to be in my bag.  

Total fail.

Amy spent the first part of our chill night assembling these 100 Calorie Buffalo Chicken Wontons.

I've seen you all repining these bad boys, so here's my little PSA -

Buffalo Chicken ANYTHING isn't meant to be "100 Calories".

They were a pretty big flop.

Save yourselves the trouble and throw in ranch dressing, cream cheese, and cheddar cheese.  And tortilla chips.

Saturday we woke up and headed to Josie's last soccer game of the season.

Where she scored her very first goal!

She turned around and yelled, "TELL UNCLE AARON!"

Which brought on the water works again.  Thank God for sunglasses.

Then turned around and lifted her teammate off the ground in a celebratory hug!

It was a big deal!

Then we went to Truett's for her end of season party, rushed home for naps and for me to get ready for my work fundraiser, and I was out the door again.

We needed more volunteers at the last minute so I bribed Amy to tag along and man a station.

The event is called Best Dessert so it didn't take too much convincing that it would be a sweet deal.

We had a fun night and the desserts were awesome!

Sunday I just wanted to sleep but had duties at church and then Andrew surprised me with a babysitter so we could go out just the two of us and unwind.

I was tired, but so thankful for the night off!

I spent the week on a lot of brinks.

I have a few more busy days and then am planning to spend a few days recovering and hibernating and walking slowly backwards.

Away from the brinks.


kimmer said...

You are beautiful! And the way you put words together is beautiful too. Big hugs!

Amy said...

you forgot chilling AND producing mass amounts of headbands! :) love.