Apple Sauce

My kids love apple sauce.

I've been shelling out a hefty hunk of change for organic apple sauce (apples are on The Dirty Dozen List).  So when I noticed local, organic apples were only .99 cents a pound at Whole Foods last week I decided I'd give homemade apple sauce a try.

Just like the finger paints we made, this was so easy and turned out so good, I'm happy to say my apple sauce buying days are numbered.  

I had no real plan.  We just kinda did what I felt made sense and got lucky.

Here is my very nonprofessional apple sauce method.

We cored and sliced 6 good sized apples.  I'm guessing it was about 4 pounds.

Then we added the slices in to about a cup of water in a pot on the stove and sprinkled cinnamon on them liberally.

Gabriel is an apple freak right now.  He could not understand why we were putting perfectly good apples into a pot and not directly into his mouth.

I let them simmer for about 30 minutes.

The house smelled Heavenly.

When they were good and mushy we tossed them in the blender (I promise I'm not keeping your blender forever Ambo!).

Then we just blended until all the peels were blended up.

It turned a pretty pink and smelled so good.

Then pour it into a container.

That's it!

Cut, simmer, blend, pour!

Fresh, homemade apple sauce with no additives.  Plus you get the added nutrients from the peel that is left out of store bought sauce!

I didn't get enough to can it since I wasn't sure if it would turn out.  Now that I know how easy and good it is, I'll try to load up next time.

So far, I'm really liking making our own food!

Next up is my version of healthier then normal corn dogs!


Anonymous said...

WOW- This recipe looks really easy. Think I'll have to give it a whirl. My 15 month old LOVES applesauce :)

Sarah said...

Homemade applesauce is the way to go! Plus the organic applesauce at the store can be so loaded down with cane sugar it makes your teeth hurt. Kroger has organic apples on sale for four dollars a bag right now too.