Gabe looked so stinking cute last Sunday I just had to snap a few pictures of him.

He is growing and changing so much these days.

Gone are the pump baby cheeks.

No more wobbly walking legs.

Thank God he still has his rubber band wrists or I'd be in a puddle of tears.

He seems to have, against my wishes, officially entered Toddlerhood.

He will be 2 before I know it.

We tease him for being a Drama King.

The child will take his time to get in the perfect fit throwing position before beginning his protests.

He turns on the waterworks with the flip of a switch.

But even though he can throw one mean tantrum, most days he looks more like this:

Smiley, happy, bright eyed.

I could eat those dimples and I can't help but smile when he flashes that toothy grin.

He is currently crushing on his Auntie "Ahhhhmeeeee." 

I think the reasoning is a toss up between the cookies that she sneaks him and the endless snuggles she doles out.

Either way, she loves him too.

And I have a feeling she won't be the last lady to fall for those shiny brown eyes!


Bethany said...

Yes...he is a heartthrob for sure! Get ready...boys turning into toddlers is SUPER fun...ha! Get ready for dirt...lots of dirt : )

Kaia said...

Oh man, he IS so stinkin' cute!!

Amy said...

LOVE my sweet little man :) and he was too cute for words on sunday. That tie???? to die for!