2nd Annual Kumbaya Night!

We had our 2nd Annual Kumbaya Night this past weekend.

We almost didn't have it since so many of our friends were out of town, but decided to go for it anyways.

I don't know what it is about a tent in the yard, but Josie and Gabriel thought it was Christmas Morning or something.

I'm planning to leave the tent up as long as possible.  

It's like a giant pack and play that I can put them both in!

We figured out very quick that Gabriel was not going to be doing any sleeping in the tent.  

Which worked out well for me.  

You can't let a baby sleep inside without any adults in there!  

What if something happened?!?!  

Thank you Gabriel for being my scape goat and making Mommy not feel so bad for sleeping inside!

Josie ended up in bed with me too.

I woke up around 2 to her little face about an inch from mine saying she didn't like sleeping in a cold tent.

I don't blame you baby girl!

 Everyone brought food to share and we just let the kids run wild while we hung out.

 I'm sure this will shock you all, but Gabriel's favorite part of the night was all the food.

Any plate left within his reach was in danger of being scarfed down!

When it got dark we headed up to the fire pit and roasted marshmallows.  

It was perfect weather for a campout!

It was fun and the kids had a blast, but it wasn't our A Game.

I didn't plan one single activity and only 2 families ended up camping out.  

Andrew and I had a very official meeting over bowls of cookie dough ice cream the next night and nailed out our plan for next year.  

I'm 100% sure the new plan is going to be super fun for everyone.

I kinda wish I could get a redo of this years, but we are out of weekends so I'll just have to live with a less then perfect party.


Next year it is ON!  I've got something to prove now!

And I wasn't kidding about the mass amounts of grass in my house!

 This was my 3rd trip around the house sweeping!

Plus I had swept after everyone went to bed the night before!