Domino Parking

I printed off this Domino Parking Lot last year for Josie to work on counting and never got around to using it.

After hearing from so many of you that you weren't huge fans of teaching math basics either, I thought I'd pass it along.

We have done this every school day for over a week now.

She loves it.

She "drives" each one into it's spot then I just let her have at it for awhile for some creative play (aka quiet time for me!).

It isn't totally self correcting, but if she gets to one that she knows she has counted right and there is already a domino in that spot she knows to recount them and see which one doesn't belong.

I love, love, love watching that little brain working!

Happy Math Time!


{K} said...

Love this!! I'm gonna have to print one for my little girl.