So Close To 2!

Gabriel is 21 months old now!

Almost time to start planning a party!

The kid is one of the funniest babies I've ever seen.

I'm hoping he keeps his silly ways.

Even if it does make it difficult to discipline him!

He started walking about a month ago and hasn't looked back.

In fact, just the other night he mastered walking backwards and entertained us with that trick for quite awhile.

He's such a showoff!

He is talking more, but still prefers to screech like a pterodactyl.

It's loud.

I guess that's what we get for naming him "The Mouthpiece of God."

He says Dada, Mama, "Dodie" (Josie), Nana, Plane, Boo Boos (Boomer), Bobbie (balloon), and Ball.

Gabe is turning out to be very tender hearted.

Any firm words result is some serious hurt feelings.  Andrew and I are both trying to get used to that and be a little more sensitive to him.

He LOVES to give hugs and kisses and snuggle.

Again, we are trying our best to give him all the loving he needs.  The rest of us Pope's just aren't quite as mushy as he is!

Speaking of becoming a Pope...

No word on when that will be official.

In fact, we haven't heard a word from the case worker since the TPR Hearing.

I know everything is done on our end so we are just waiting.  I've sent a bunch of emails to her but am still waiting on a response.  I promise to share as soon as we have a date.  I'm still hoping it'll be before Christmas.

One thing I do know is I am totally in love with having a little boy.

I never really thought I'd like having a boy, but he brings out a mother in me that's so different then the one Josie pulls out.

I'm not sure how to explain it, it's just, different.

He is my Little Man and I could not be more in love with him!


kimmer said...

Ummmm...I think I've heard him mutter the name Maemae once or twice, too! These pics are adorable and I love this little boy more than words can say, even if he does screech like a What? Ptyodactyle?

Linda Z said...

Yay for walking... that's a big accomplishment! And pterodactyl? That made me laugh!

I've also gotta say your daughter makes a pretty mean Batman! :)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...he's a handsome little man! Your right, being a momma to a boy is much different than being a momma to a girl. They both are wonderful just very different :)