My Caped Crusader

Griffin Has A New Super Hero.

Josie is obsessed with Batman.

I'm not even sure how she knows who Batman is, but someone filled her in and the girl is hooked.

She has been telling me for a month that she HAS to be Batman for Halloween and her Aunt Ambo saved the day when she found this little number at Walmart.

The Crafty Mother in me cringed a little when I purchased this plastic wear for my sweet girl who has worn only handmade Halloween costumes.

But it's been glued to her body since I brought it home and seeing a Caped Crusader screaming, 

"Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da BATMAN" 

in the yard washed all my guilt away.

Do NOT call her BatGIRL though.

She is BatMAN.  She just wears a skirt.

We can all sleep soundly knowing Josie, err I mean Batman, is on the scene!

Josie Kathryn - 4 1/2 Years Old

Loves Twirly Dresses
Driving her Jeep 

I love a well rounded girl!


The Edberg's said...

This is so cute.

lori said...

so funny. she is precious!

Amy said...

brahahahahaha....God I love that girl!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha- How precious is that!!!!

kimmer said...

This is so,so funny!!!! She looks great in her Batman costume and I absolutely LOVE the serious nature of her crime fighting...what a good imagination she has!!!

Anonymous said...

I buy up halloween costumes after they go on clearance, then give them to the niece and nephew year round. They love dressing up!! (Nathan is the same age and LOVES Spider Man)

Lani said...

omg those pictures are awesome!!!