Science Sunday - Week 1

Pope Academy is in full swing!

We had a hectic week getting back into any kind of routine, but we smoothed it out by the end of the week.

I won't bog you down with everything we do, but since it's hard to find science projects for the under 6 crowd, I'm planning on sharing some of ours.

I'm using Usborne's science books right now and have some kitchen experiments I'm mixing in too.

This month we are learning about water so I started with one we did last year and Josie loved.

Sink Or Float

I got a big clear bowl of water ready then we went on a hunt for 6 things to experiment with.  After she found each one she told me if she thought it would float or sink.

We ended up with a piece of bark, a rock, a leaf, a doll brush, a doll hat, and a paper weight.  

And yes, all these things were in my yard.

Then we tested each item.

And then recorded our results on my high tech observation sheet.

This year, I added in the "Why?"

We watched THIS VIDEO to explain it.

We are learning with boats next week!


Julie said...

This is a fun activity to learn about sinking and floating. There are some good ideas on that BrainPOP Jr. website too. Thanks for the link.

Ticia said...

I've found weirder things in my yard so I completely understand. There are a lot of great ideas for the under 6 crowd in Science Sunday