I'm Not Sure

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but I think 

Josie likes playing with her Daddy!

Fall has settled in for it's, usually way to short, stay.

We've been taking in as much of it as we can.

Eating every meal outside, taking lots of family walks, and getting in some awesome playtime in the yard.

Josie's soccer team is so stinking cute, but they've gotten their hineys kicked in every game.  

Poor kids just can't figure the game out.

Josie wants to score one goal SO bad.

So Andrew's been giving Josie some private lessons.

Although, from the sideline I'm not sure how accurate his teachings are.

But if the laughs and squeals and dirty feet are any indicator, she should be on an Olympic Team in no time.

He even taught her to head bump.

And just because it's hilarious that it's legal to throw a ball at your child's head...

These pictures look remarkably like THIS POST.

Which makes me shed a few tears that Josie's hair seems to be growing back into her head instead of longer since I chopped it off.

Someone hide my scissors from me.