That Dog

The first string of words Josie ever put together were, "No no BooBoos, don't push the baby down."

No joke.

It was a pretty long sentence for such a tiny mouth.

She was referring to the first time we took her to the Farm House to meet our dog, Boomer, who had not been invited to live at our new house. Poor baby had just learned to stand and didn't even see Boomer coming as he plowed her over.

To his defense, he'd never been around a baby before and the dog thinks he's a puppy rather then a 70 pound horse.

A few months later, as we drove by the Farm House, Josie spoke her first sentence.

Memory like an elephant.

She spent the first 3 years of her life scared to death of poor ole Boo Boos.

Recently though, she has decided he isn't that bad (especially when he eats her leftovers) and they are now daily playmates.

The other night, she and Andrew had a giggle fest playing frisbee with Boomer.

2009 106

Or more like, Boomer stole the frisbee and they chased him around trying to get it back!

2009 103

(I would pay huge money for this picture to not be blurry)

2009 098

2009 108

It was great fun.
Until this:

2009 113

Ran into this:

2009 117

And caused this:

2009 119

Oh Boo Boos.

You done pushed the baby down again.

And we're back to square one.


kimmer said...

Oh NO!!!! BooBoo you gotta stop pushing that baby down!!!!! You're gonna find yourself livin' back on the farm!!!!

Kameron said...

I hate it when the best picture ends up blurry! That is her real smile, not her picture one. It is still a great shot, even if it is a little blurry!

The Stairs Family said...

haha great post! love the pictures! its funny that shes actually adopted, because she looks EXACTLY like her daddy!!! And I love your new header by the way!