Homeschool Organization

We have a pretty School Room all set up.

I have a great Supply Closet stocked to the gills.

And as much as I hoped we would use the designated areas, I'm learning that for this season of life, school happens wherever we are when time frees up.

Which is usually down stairs.

So I needed a way to save myself from running up and down the stairs a million times a day for different things.

I took a nod from Expert Homeschool Moms and got myself a crate and set up a mobile school.

And I love it.

Everything but our craft supplies fits perfectly.

I'm taking a day at the start of each month to plan out the workbook pages, art projects, and trips we plan to take and evaluate what we did or didn't accomplish the month before.

I made simple folders for the subjects we are doing as well as for the "extra" theme of each month.

This is our Extras Schedule:

September is Camping & Apples
October is Candy & Dental Health
November is Public Service Jobs
December is Giving and Serving
January is The Solar System
February is Ocean
March is Body & Senses
April is Insects
May is Trees

As I find activities I print them out and stick them in the folder until I'm planning for that month.

How do you organize your school year?