Gimme S'More!

Our Extra Theme this month is Camping.

We are covering all things related to spending the night in the great outdoors leading up to our Second Annual Kumbaya Night.

And we all know that the only reason I even hint around at camping is S'Mores!

We recently tried the real deal and it wasn't a very big hit.  So I took a different approach and it was a winner.

S'More Cookies!

We took them to the park to share with The Glover Boys and they were a huge hit!

I love when school tastes good!


kimmer said...

Ooooh! You do know how to make learning Fun...and Yummy!

The Stairs Family said...

i love Josie in her batman shirt!

and i think you need to post that recipe!

Kaia said...

Mm.. I made a version of those recently and they were scrumptious!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

These look so yummy! Thanks for sharing!