I'm working on about a bagillion posts but am waiting on my new MAC so here's a little What I Wore Wednesday to tide us all over.

We spent the week on a whirlwind trip to Minnesota to celebrate our Papa Moose's life.  

I'm progressively more exhausted each day.

Wednesday - Church

Dress - JC Penny

Thursday - 4AM Flight 

Shirt -  FROM HERE
Jeans - Target
Flip Flops - Gap

This shirt is a fundraiser that this family is doing to raise funds to bring home their baby from Africa.  You know I'm a sucker for adoption, but this shirt is awesome!  Super soft, just fitted enough to be cute and comfy, and I had about 10 people stop me at the airport to ask what it meant.  I was happy to share the site and hope they get some more sales from it.

Saturday - Papa Moose's Life Celebration

Dress - Target

Sunday - Minnesota State Fair

Tank - Target
Black Pants - Old Navy
Shorts that I really wore - GAP

Look at my cute family!  

I wore black shorts to the fair but ate so much food that sweats were required as soon as I walked in the door!  Hopefully the rest of our family pics are from the waist up!

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Jennifer said...

I'm a little behind and just saw this post about our shirts. Thank you for the shout-out and it looks super cute on you! Thanks again!