And there's only one thing I like about marshmallows.


I'll be honest, campfires in August are not the best idea.

But it crossed 2 more things off our Summer List and we followed it with a long night swim so it wasn't too unbearable.

The homemade marshmallows were a campfire flop.

Turns out you need all those preservatives to prevent a gloopy, melty mess.  

We got lucky though and I found a bag of real marshmallows in the back of my pantry that only recently expired.

I love S'mores!


Anonymous said...

We did a backyard campfire just the other night. It was sooo much fun. I'm not a marshmallow/smores fan but my daughter loves them. I did find a bag of caramel/vanilla marshmallows though and they were actually really yummy. I bet they would be good in hot chocolate too!

Erin and Co. said...

Looks like fun!