Letter J

Anytime we are working with the letter J, I know it's going to involve JELLO.

I hate JELLO.

It stinks and makes a huge mess and tastes gross.  And at some point someone told me that it's made of whale bones or something and now I hate it even more.

But every other member of my family loves the stuff.

Andrew slurps it up like it's made of chocolate and now both the kids have followed suit.

So for Alphabet Summer's J Project, we whipped up some JELLO Jigglers.

I should have let it cover letter L too since it's such an act of love for me.

It was Gabe's first JELLO experience.

And I'm a Mom Blogger, so of course the event was fully documented.


Anonymous said...

My son is a year old and I've never gave him Jello. Never really thought about it. I might just have to whip him up a batch! Great pictures, thanks for sharing. Happy Friday.