Last Tuesday, we headed up to The Cabin to honor our Papa Moose.

The service was Perfect-o.

My Grandpa had told my Grandma over 20 years ago about the music he wanted played at his funeral.  And beyond all odds, we were able to find the man he was talking about and he agreed to come sing at the service.

It was amazing and emotional.

After the service we spent the day just like Papa Moose would have wanted, together. 

 And playing Smear in his honor.

The day was filled with alternating laughs and tears and sharing memories.

But above all else, it was spent together.

And I'm learning more so everyday that together is a great place to be.


Crystal said...

I'm sure he would have been honored. Hugs to you & your family.

Beth said...

So so sorry! Together is a great place to be!!! I agree!!!