Lake People

I grew up taking baths with White Rain Shampoo in Love Lake.

My brother and I would spend entire weekends in the lake.

Hours were lost trying to balance on a large inflatable Shamu Whale toy.

My parents would have to drag us out of the lake at night.

Somewhere between ages 13 and now, I realized lakes are filled with nasty weeds, dead fish, and worst of all, leeches

I'm no longer a Lake Swimmer.

When I mentioned that Josie had never swam in the lake my brother rounded up a crew to make sure we took care of that right away.

And while I may not be a Lake Swimmer, my daughter is 100% a fan of nasty, weedy, fish water.

I found it half ironic/half hilarious that I let her swim in the ocean without any kind of floatation device, yet felt the need to wrap her in bulky lifesaving devices for the totally calm lake.

The girl loved it.

Turns out she's just as much Northern as she is Southern!