Where's The Baby?

One of Gabe's favorite games is "Where's The Baby."

It's a close second to his current favorite, "Let's pull everything out of every cabinet as soon as my Mom leaves the room."

That game's real fun.

So my response to finding this picture buried on my hard drive was quite fitting.

Ahhh, Excuse Me?!?!  

Where's The Baby?!?!

And equally as important, who on Earth gave him permission to turn into this big kid???

I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later.

I was just hoping for later.

Gabe is looking less and less baby and more and more toddler these days.

Thank the Lord those wrist rolls are still hanging out or I'd be in serious trouble.

The Big Guy is 17 Months old now, well on his way to 2.

This month has been full of outdoor time for him and he couldn't be happier.  If the door opens, he makes a beeline for it.  

Outside Or Bust seems to be his motto.

He's been cracking us up with all the things he sits on.

Nothing is safe from becoming Gabe's chair.

I believe he's moved on up to 18 month tops while his mini butt still needs a 12 month.  

The kid has been naked 99% of the time this month so those are rough estimates.  

It's HOT here and the poor boy doesn't do hot very well.  15 minutes outside and sweat is rolling down his face.

He is his number one fan and cracks himself up on an hourly basis.

Still testing every rule bestowed upon him.  He's convinced that a sly grin is enough to get out of any bad decision.

He's usually right.

And as much as I thought I'd be reporting differently,

he's still not walking.

Cruising on everything?  Dabbling with standing unassisted?


But there seems to be no need for walking in his little life.

I've given up stressing over it.  He'll do it when he's ready and I'll be begging for the days he was stationary.

No heart doctor appointments this month and no court updates either.

Two more weeks until the TPR Hearing.  We haven't heard any updates and I'm choosing to see that as a good thing.

So there you have it.

My baby isn't quite so baby anymore.


kimmer said...

Oh how I love this sweet little boy! Please tell him to slow down just a bit...he's growing Sokol quickly! He has the most beautiful smile...what a doll! Kiss and hug, kiss and hug kiss our baby on the Mug!

The Nyquists said...

I am feeling you EXACTLY in this post...Before we can blink they are big boys!! Thank goodness for little baby touches like wrist rolls and soft little tummies. Good luck with the TPR!!