Family Date Night

Wednesday Morning, in the middle of VBS Insanity, Andrew sent me a text that he thought we needed a Family Date Night.

It had been awhile since we all went somewhere on purpose together.

My first reaction, Seriously?!?!  I've been waking up 2 hours before I ususally do, spending the day surrounded by Pandas and loud children, and my house looks like a war zone.

But I also know that Andrew is usually pretty keen about when our kids need some Family Fun so I agreed.

Josie was REALLY excited and got into her Date Night Clothes as soon as we got home from VBS.

She kept saying, "These are my Rooooyyyyaaaallll Shoes.  Here is my Rooooyyyyaaaallll Twirly Skirt."

She's very into princess everything right now.

We have been newly recruited to Groupon and Living Social.  

After searching for which places in Atlanta had the best deal, we ended up eating at Slacks.  It's a new Pizza and Philly Cheesesteak place.

The food was seriously awesome and huge but the service wasn't the best.

I'd give just about anything for this picture to be clear!

We gave Josie a few choices for dessert and she picked my most favorite place (even above Starbucks!)

Yogli Mogli!

 Have you tried one of these Frozen Yogurt Bars yet?!?!

They are SO good!

You pick from a ton of flavors then pick whatever toppings you want and pay by the Ounce.  So much fun and SOOOOOO yummy!

Guess which ones mine?!?

Oh, the kids were so happy.  

Full Love Tanks!

Which makes for happy parents.

We have a big anniversary coming up next week!  9 years!

Good job Andrew!  It was the perfect night for a Family Date!


Crystal said...

Love the picture of Andrew & Gabe! :)

Amy @ dwell in the season said...

It looks like you guys had an awesome time together! We also love the frozen yogurt places, it's always a toss up between sweet/candy and fruit/healthy. Is yours the one with all the m&ms? :)