No Whining!

Josie recently turned 4.

I'm not going to lie, I'm not sad to see 3 go.

Terrible 2's my keester.

It's Terrible 3's!

I should say that Josie has never been a bad girl.

She's an extremely easy child and I count my lucky stars for how well behaved she is.

But Josie was a handful this past year.

A boundry testing, whiney voiced, sometimes flat out disobedient handful!

But I am bound and determined that we're kissing that behavior goodbye for her 4th year on Earth.

So this week we are working our way through Raising Rockstars - Preschool's letter D Unit.

The verse?

(PHIL. 2:14)

Now that's a lesson I can throw my whole self into teaching!

We had an extremely short school week.  Between a Little School Feild Trip, attending my first homeschool conference, and court, school was just not a priority.

So I picked a few things and we just focused on those.

We started out by going over her new Chore Chart.

Now that she's using her own money to buy treats, we decided to give her a little raise.

I've read a ton of mixed reviews on giving a child an allowance attached to chores.  Josie is expected to do certain things to contribute to the family and would be expected to do them with or without an allowance.  We have decided that in the Real World, you have to work to get paid, so that is the route we are taking.

The whole $1 a week paid in dimes was awesome for teaching her about the Tithe, but she gets that now and I want her to see her savings piling up and the dimes just weren't cutting it.

But Andrew and I believe in earning money and so with a raise comes jobs that are a little more difficult.

Next we read, The Red Hen by Paul Galdone and then made our own cake!

Do you remember The Little Red Hen?

It's the story about the Hen who does ALL the work to make a cake while the cat, the dog, and the mouse lay around napping.  When the cake is done, they all want to help eat it, but the Hen says NO since they didn't help.

Needless to say, they all decided to help the next time Hen asked!

This is her narration and illustration.  It's supposed to be the Red Hen and a snowman cake.

We made a Texas Sheet Cake and it was so, so good!  I knew we would eat the whole thing so we brought most of it to church as a gift for Josie's teachers!

Josie blew me away this week with her writing.  She did great writing in a straight line instead of all over the place.

She's been asking how to spell words ALL the time which I love!

We decided to make cards for some of her favorite people.

I'm trying to do a little more math with Josie.

She does OK counting but still gets off track sometimes so I printed off these counting cards from Confessions Of A Homeschooler.

They were SO awesome!

Josie counted the objects then put a clothes pin on the correct number.  We just did 1-10, but she breezed through them so fast that next week we are going to add in 11-20.

A few friends told me the Preschool Packs were a little too easy for their kids.  Confessions Of A Homeschooler has a ton of K4 Level printables and we love so I suggest checking her out!