What (We) Wore Wednesday

While we were out in AZ, we had a fancy smanchy photographer take real family pictures for us.

I found Sierra Studios Photography from Melissa at MEL{V} Designs and instantly LOVED her work.

So I called and pleaded with her to squeeze us into her overbooked schedule and she was sweet enough to do it!

I love family pictures, but deciding what to wear throws me into a tail spin of panic.

I sent my friends a billion options of what we could all wear and spent way too much time shopping for outfits.

I wanted us to match, but not match.

Be dressy, but still us.

Bright or Neutral?

It was rough.

I finally found exactly what I wanted for Josie and then the rest just came together with what we had in our closets.

Here's what we ended up wearing:

Simple pops of color and basic patterns.
(dang that baby for not looking at the camera)

Gabe was still sporting a very black eye.  Good work in Photoshop Jessica!

These were supposed to be his One Year Pics, but he was not very cooperative.  This was the best we got.

Josie's dress was from Crew Cuts.  I got it for $8 as opposed to the $75 they wanted on the website.  

Andrew hate, hate, hates taking pictures.  But he's an amazing husband and humors me a couple times a year. 

 I wanted him to be super comfy and relaxed so we went with what he already owned and I even let him wear his flip flops that totally didn't match.

I wore his favorite dress of mine.  It's from Urban Outfitters.  I didn't want to wear leggings but I knew I'd be down on the ground, leggings it was!

Aren't they cute?!?!

My Mom was so excited to wear their cowboy hats and I think it turned out super cute!  They hadn't ever had professional pictures done together.  Love them!

So after all that stressing, we ended up wearing pretty much what we always wear!

But don't worry, I'm already thinking of what we'll wear for our Fall Pictures!


Morgan said...

Wow, you are stunning. Your whole family is, actually. What gorgeous pictures! You've totally motivated me to schedule some pictures for my family.

Can't wait to check out the rest of our blog! :)

Morgan said...

Ok, not to stalk you or anything :), but I did just go back and read some of your blog. What a beautiful story you all have. I am a homeschooling mom, Christian mom, too. I saw the book Jesus Calling and was curious what it is. I looked it up on Amazon and added it to my card. AND, I'm now following your blog. I look forward to reading more!

Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

You are one smokin hot momma! These pictures are amazing. How wonderful to have such great famnily photos. Love the hats too:)

Anonymous said...

These are great pictures of your beautiful family.

Paige said...

Love the pictures!! I am struggling with what to dress my family in for our pictures and you have just taken the stress off of me...yall look GREAT and you aren't all matchy matchy! Pops of color! I am going to remember that!


stacey said...

Perfect! Love the colors - great job!

DeeAnna said...

sooooo cute! you look adorable, and matchy-matchy is out for photos!! you kids are so cute!

Jodi said...

I think they turned out great! Love your outfit choices, and may I say that you look amazing?!!

momstheword said...

You all look absolutely adorable and I loooove the dress! We have a couple of "formal" portraits when the kids were little.

In one of them the kids are wearing shorts and shirts and hubby is wearing a Mickey Mouse t-shirt (lol!) and I'm wearing a simple red blouse (our youngest was just a baby and I still hadn't lost the baby weight yet).

I love that picture because it is us, just as you said!

Carri said...

I'm the same way with family pictures. I never want us to match, but coordinate! Loved everyone's outfits!

Sherri @ Design2Shine said...

Awesome photos! Adorable shots. Great memories I am sure. And you all look great in your outfits.

crystal b. said...

Loved what you picked for your photos, you look so natural -- not pretentious or cutesy. Your pictures turned out fantastic! Who took them?? I especially love the up close shots of your adorable children.

Thanks for sharing.

Crystal said...

Gorgeous pictures!! And great job on the black eye Photoshop LOL!

Michele said...

I just had to stop when I saw your link up title. We just had family photos taken a couple of weeks ago. Yours are awesome! I love your dress and your daughter's dress! My husband HATES photos so I can relate. You have a beautiful family.

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

WOW gorgeous pictures and outfit ! Newest follower, visit me and do the same please !

Stacey said...

You have such a cute family!