stART - Planting A Rainbow

One of my goals for the rest of Josie's Preschool is to add in more art projects.

I love walking down the hall at MOPS and seeing all the cute art the kids make.

I also want to do more reading with her.

Planting A Rainbow was a perfect book to get us started with both.

After we read the book, I had her glue on her stems.  We talked about making sure the stems grew out of the ground and not up in the air.

Then I gave her a rainbow of tissue paper and had her go to town making her flowers.  I thought I'd have to prompt her on different ideas for making different shaped flowers, but she knew just what she wanted to do.

And she ended up with a Masterpiece!

Head on over to her blog if you need a little book inspired art!


Kameron said...

What a cute idea! I am doing the pre-K room at our take your child to work day and we are focusing on colors and I think I will add this project to our agenda! Thanks!

Brimful Curiosities said...

Such a cute and colorful project. I like how her tissue paper flowers are all different heights.

Kaia said...

That's cute! I like doing art projects with kids, too, as long as their not too messy!