Egg Hunt 2011

Every year, our church throws an amazing egg hunt for the entire community.

Last year was our first Easter at the church and the egg hunt was huge.

Like 1500 people came to hunt huge.

It was fun, but crazy!

So we decided that we would host a smaller hunt for the kids at our house before the big one next weekend.

It was kind of thrown together at the last minute, but it was SO fun and reminded us how much we miss having everyone over.

We had a great turn out!

Everyone brought a snack to share and 10 stuffed eggs per kid.

And we crafted up a Glitter Egg with a special prize attached.

It was pretty!

Once everyone showed up, the Dad's hid the eggs while the Mom's did their best to hold the kids inside!

I know this next picture is so, so blurry, but getting a clear picture of kids this excited was out of the question!

The Glitter Egg was hidden in that little pine tree.

Kids kept walking right up to it then just turning around!

After about 15 minutes, Wyatt finally found it and was rewarded with a Baskin Robbins Gift Card!

Then I looked around and noticed about 4 little girls crying their eyes out because they didn't find the Glitter Egg.


Once all the tears were dried, the kids played while the adults talked for a few hours.

The weather was perfect, the kids were well behaved, and we all had such a great afternoon!

Like Amber said, I think it was the best party we've ever had.

And in case you're wondering, I do still have two children!

Gabe seems to be MIA around the blog these days!  But I promise he is here and happy!

Exciting updates on his case coming soon!!!