She's ours

Our days have been kind of scattered since we got back from The Desert and I almost forgot to celebrate a pretty important day.

Lucky for me, she doesn't know about dates yet so she had no idea I was a week late with her Adoption Day treats.

Gotcha Day is huge around here.  Adoption Day is more of a family affair.

Just the four of us and some cake pops.

We read her Adoption Book for a bedtime story and for the first time she kinda got it.

We told her how we prayed and prayed for a little girl and God kept saying, "Wait."

Then one day, a little red car pulled in our driveway.

And Josie's face lit up and said, "I was in that car, wasn't I?"

And I got all teary and hugged her super tight and told her she was exactly right.

And we talked about how she used to be called Brittany but when Judge English signed the papers she became Josie Pope forever and ever.

Then she said, "Until I get married right?"

What the what?!?!

I told her she's 4 and not allowed to talk about that ever, ever again.

We love this little girl way more then words and it's hard to believe that someone just dropped her off at our house one day, then a Judge signed some papers, and now she's ours.

Forever and ever.

Even when she gets married.

And just to dispell any myths about NATURE being more of an influence then NURTURE, tell me this child isn't 100% POPE

We love you Josie Girl.  

Happy Adoption Day!


Kim said...

Thanks for making me tear up first thing in the morning... :)

Ashley said...

I got a little teary-eyed with those pics! I remember when yall first got her how small and chubby she was and now look at her! Yall did an awesome job at raising her this far. And for the record, she's DEFINITELY a Pope!

Kaia said...

"Until I get married, right?" Haha, awesome! Love how you have an "adoption book." Her new picture on the side is awesome, too!