First Fruits

It's Strawberry Picking Time here in Georgia!

Every year, Spring surprises me.

It feels like Winter will never end, and then BAM, 85 degree days hit us.

My internal thermostat seems to be stuck in Northern Mode since I've been here for 11 years and still hate the heat.

But with that heat comes bright red, ripe, juicy strawberries.  They help ease my sweaty self.

Amy and I loaded up the girls and Gabe and headed out to fill our buckets.

We went early so it wasn't too hot and we had a great time.

Well, maybe Gabe didn't have the best time since his stroller wouldn't fit down the row so he had to just sit there and watch us.

Poor Baby.

And Poor Matalie.

I asked Josie to put her arm around Mat for a cute little picture.

Which she apparently heard as, "Grab Matalie by her face and drag her over to you.  Make sure she falls right in a mud puddle too Sweetie."

Everyone recovered fine and I stuck with pics of them by themselves!

Sweet Summer Goodness.

Such a fun Spring Day!

And since we've already eaten nearly all our berries, we're headed back again this week!


Amy said...

Love that last one of Matalie!

kimmer said...


Kim said...

I ate nearly the entire gallon by myself... I'm ready for blackberries!