All About Flowers!

This past week we started a two week unit on flowers, which means we've been spending lots of time playing in the dirt!

We are planting our vegetable garden this week, but last week we started all our pots.  

I let Josie pick out what we would plant on the back porch so you know we ended up with lots of purple!

I also let her do all the work this year!

I just stood back and directed her on how much dirt, which plants to put where, and how long to water.  

She did awesome and loved every second.

I'm going to do my best to let her do the daily watering to.

She also got a new Sensory Tub.

This week I just filled it with soil and gave her a few pots, some plant labels, and all her garden tools.  Next week I'm adding in some fake flowers for her to plant.

She played with this everyday, but like everything else in this house it ended up being a kitchen and she made Dirt Mac And Cheese for her babies with it.

For actual school work, we are working our way through Homeschool Creations Garden Pack.

Are you doing any of her Preschool Packs???

They are so awesome for us!  

Not only are they so creative and fun, they help point out areas that I am skipping that are important.

This pack had a fun song about what plants need to grow that we've been singing a whole lot around here!

She all the sudden gets the Memory Game.  We played the one that comes in the pack and she was really good at it by the end of the week.

Still working on correct letter placement with writing.

My child is completely unafraid of bugs.  

This is her new friend "Catter."

Ashley wasn't feeling well so we are doubling up Little School next week, but Josie was with me when I bought the supplies for our special Little School Snack so there was no way I was getting out of making that treat! 

We made Flower Pot Treats and they were fun and yummy!

Pudding Mud, Oreo Dirt, Gummy Worms, and a Sucker Flower.

Another fun week of school!

Next week will be all about Easter and our Awesome Savior!


MyLinda said...

Such cute ideas! I can't wait to get more little ones here so we can do some of your fun ideas :)