Little, everyday things that you see all the time that suddenly remind you all you have to be thankful for.

I loved the post.

But couldn't see anything around me that inspired the same kind of awe worthy thankfulness.

Until today.

Josie had given all her Guys a bath in her Sensory Tub.  Before nap I asked her to lay them on a towel to dry.

When I walked by the table later that afternoon, it hit me.

The "Oh My Goodness, I Am So So Lucky And Blessed And THANKFUL," feeling.

These toys I step on a million times a day.

That drive me crazy and seem to multiply while we sleep.

They represent a childhood.


Endless Opportunity.

And I was so thankful that I have a little girl.

A little girl that likes to play and learn and loves me.

Thankful that she loves inexpensive little trinkets.

That a tupperware of water and a few spoons becomes a swimming pool at the ocean for her.

They were just so beautiful to me all the sudden.

And then I was so thankful for the table the toys were sitting on.

Where we eat dinner every night.

Where I teach my babies.

Where I have late night conversations with my husband.

And, though we might upgrade eventually, where someday a boy will ask to (GULP) marry my daughter.

And I walked away thankful (and a little freaked out at that last one!).

What are YOU thankful for today?


Anonymous said...

Noise in my house....I hate the quiet when no one is home. Yes, I am aggravated by it as well, but it inspires me to get things done. In the quiet, I am way less motivated (: Amy King

Kristin said...

Cute post! I'm always thankful to find little toys around the house after my daughter goes to sleep! I find them the most random places! Last night Toy Story toys were in our hamper! :)

Angie. said...

My son (I just can't bring myself to call him my 'foster son' because he's not...he's just my son. Period. No tag associated with it.) has started court appointed visitation with his birth father in his home. It is the hardest thing I've had to go through thus far, but this week while he was gone I walked past the hall closet and found an envelope and some junk mail he had stowed away for me to find later. He loves playing in the recycle bin! It made me smile and shed a few happy tears. God knew I needed to find it when I did and I'm so thankful I did...oh that little boy...he's the sweetest, most precious gift from above.