Plan C

A few weeks ago, Andrew found out Pastors Ed and Lisa Young were going to be in Atlanta speaking at a marriage conference.

We love them so we made plans to go.

A weekend away, with no kids, and 72 hours with my favorite guy?!?!

Yea, I was excited.

But, as tends to be the case, Waffle Duty called and Andrew wasn't able to get the weekend off.


So I came up with Plan B.

Since we'd already lined up childcare, we decided to not let that go to waste.  I'd just hang out until Andrew got off and then we'd have ourselves a little Kid Free Staycation!

Equally as exciting as Plan A.

BUT, turns out Gabriel wasn't a fan of spending the night without his Mama.

Plan C ended up being pretty much my normal life minus Josie.  

We picked Gabe up around 7:30 Friday Night and just brought him with us to our dinner date.

The little bugger was as sweet as could be and made me not so angry that he crashed my weekend alone with Andrew.

Saturday I took him thrifting with me and then Andrew and I put him to bed extra early so we could salvage at least part of our Staycation.

We found out Longhorn tastes better at home and then ate way too much cheesecake while snuggled in bed watching movies.

It wasn't quite the weekend I had planned in my head, but it wasn't so bad.


Donovan Doins said...

Will be praying for court this Thurs.

Kameron said...

I should fo this just to make myself dress better. Poor Gabe! All kids hurt themselves, it's a fact of life, so I wouldn't be too worried about it. Does he go to court with you??