Doctor Unit

"A cheerful heart is good medicine!"
Proverbs 17:22

Last Summer, when we took Gabe to the Doctor to get caught up on his missing shots, the Doctor somehow thought it was a good idea to tell Josie she'd be getting her shots when she turned 4.

The Doctor then proceeded to stick her baby brother repeatedly as he screamed at the top of his lungs.

As you can imagine, Josie has dreaded turning 4.

I actually got her to fess up that the shots were the reason she was so fixated on being 5.  Guess she thought she could skip the shots if she skipped 4!

Well, she did turn 4 and her Well Check was scheduled for Friday.

My poor baby was so nervous.

I decided that we would focus on Doctors and Nurses last week to try to ease her mind.

It didn't work, but we still had a good school week!

It was perfect.

We didn't do all the activities this week.  Some of them are just too easy for Josie.  So we worked on the Memory Verse, the Pre-Writers, and the math sheets.

I love Homeschool Creations Memory Verses.  She does 3 different versions, one with just the words, one with a couple picture cues, and one with words and pictures.  We put them up in different places and work on them throughout the day.  I usually give her the first couple words then she finishes it.

She's always been quick with memorization.

And we read a ton of books about going to the Doctor.  Her favorite was Corduroy Goes To The Doctor.

I also picked up the BrainQuest Book at Goodwill.  

Josie LOVED it!

I was interested to see what she already knew that was actual Pre-K work. 

She's still working on writing the letters correctly and we're just starting Sight Words, but the rest of it she picked up very fast.  She really loved the pages where she had to find what was wrong with the picture.

She's very interested in reading but I'm not sure where to go from there.  I'm trying to read to her more.  She knows all the letter sounds and we've been watching Leap Frog Word Factory so she's picking up on blending the letters together.

I recently read a post about the difference between reading programs that are Phonics Based and Whole Language Based.  I'm leaning towards Whole Language since that seems to be the most natural but I'm not sure yet.

So I guess for now, we'll just read, read, read!

Next week is going to be crazy so I'm pretty sure we will just do some pages in this book.


Pipsylou said...

I am blog surfing this morning in the interest of distracting myself... thank you thank you fo ryour kind words.

And oh my goodness, the pictures you take!!!! As a former special ed teacher I can tell you that Josie will be WELL prepared for school...I love how much time and attention you give her education, even at such a young age!!!!!!!! Parents really are the best teachers.

WHY do docs feel the need to tell kids they are getting shots? Kind of like when Lu was going in for surgery, they started talking IN DETAIL about what they would be doing to her during surgery RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER. no no no!!!!!!!!

Crystal said...

Bet you just wanted to kiss that doctor! Ugh! Hope the actual shot process wasn't too hard on her. I saw on FB that she was rewarded with a treat so I'm sure Mommy made up for it!