She Is

I can do it! and leave the lights on.
Bitavums Pwease and More Juice May I's

Old Baby Lover and Learning To Share-er.
Soft Blank Carrier and Awesome Big Sister

Don't brush the snarlies and I'll wear my hair down.
Purple Dress Twirler, Footie Jammie Every Nighter.

Spanking from you or from Daddy?
And Waffle House Waiter.

Mom can I help you?
Daddy can you hold me?

Gotta read a story and did you brush my teeth?
Raw noodle eater, Mac and Cheese Lover

"That wasn't me" ususally means it was
Professional Staller & Excellent Nose Rubber

"I bless you'd" instead of "I sneezed"
Proud Pooter, Boundry Tester

Frequent Flyer, Papa Moose Adorer
Jesus Lover, Tithe Giver

Super Fast Learner, Still Likes To Snuggle
Pushes Mommy's Buttons, But Still Melts Her Heart-er

Daddy Dater, Chick-Fil-A Craver
Can't wait to be 5, Can't wait to play Soccer

Josephina Ballerina
Sweet Josie Kat
My Tiny Little Bird
Little Miss Boss

Holder Of My Soul
Growing Too Fast
So Perfect.

My Big Birthday Girl.

And Then She Was Four.

Happy Birthday To The Girl Who Hung The Moon.


Forever mummy~xoxo~ said...

Hey! Just found your blog while I was browsing through a bunch trying to learn more bloggy skills. I think it's super cute, and what a gorgeous family you have. Congratulations!! You mentioned people didn't comment, but I actually had a hard time finding where to comment. Maybe people aren't seeing where and so just leave it. I know how lovely it is to hear from fans, so maybe post where to find the comment spot to encourage people! Anyways..just wanted to say how fab I think your blog is~such cute pics too! Please stop by mine too, we have a young family like you! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Miss Josie!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Josie Kat!!!!
Amy King

Crystal said...

Happy Birthday, Josie! I hope you have tons of fun at your Fancy Nancy Party!

Kara said...

Beautiful post! I've got tears in my eyes...
Happy Birthday Josie!

aaron said...

Love that grrrl.

Kaia said...

Happy Birthday, Josie! "I bless you'd" and "Spanking from you or Daddy?" were my favorite-lol! Love this post, pictures and words!

Brandi said...

Love this-beautifully said...

Amy said...

love, love, LOVE my sweet girl! See you tomorrow all fancied out!

MyLinda said...

What a sweet post, Josie will love reading this one day!

miamihoney said...

Lovely post! Happy Birthday Josie!! Can't wait to see the adventures that unfold during the year. Love the way you captured who Josie is! Great post.