Frozen Kids

The day before Josie's Birthday, we got a nice snow.

Nice meaning barely an inch, none sticking on the roads, and super sticky for making Snowmen!

And when it's sunny and close to 45 degrees with no wind, even I am willing to get out there and have a little fun!

I considered it an early Birthday Gift for Josie.

I forgot how much fun it is to make a snowman!

Even if I did have to wear wet socks on my hands in leau of gloves.

What kind of Minnesota Raised Girl doesn't own gloves?!?!

It's nice when you can play in the snow in a sweatshirt and not be cold!

We made replicas of the kids.

That little tiny pile in front of Josie is supposed to be Andrew.

And only in Geogia can you build a snowman at 11 AM and have them on their way out by 1.

Frosty wouldn't stand a chance here!