My Pretty Neck (Mattie Fran Designs)

A few weeks ago, my Sister Wife Amy made herself a pretty little necklace.

That she called a Flower Bib.

But that makes me think of feeding my 1 year old spaghetti and him throwing it all over and these necklaces are WAY BETTER THEN THAT!

And after having about a million people compliment her on it, she decided to whip them up in mass amounts and sell them to all of YOU!

She's been busy and late last night, we finished up her blog and she in now in business!

Head on over to MATTIE FRAN DESIGNS and show her some love!

Here's a little sneeky peeky at what you'll find over there:

Recognize that neck?!?

Apparently I have a "pretty neck" which I took as a strange but good compliment!

She has about 6 designs right now and a few more in the works.

They are awesome and make any normal outfit pretty darn amazing!


Amber said...

Your neck is on fashion fire with that necklace!

Couldn't help myself.