What We've Been Doing

We've slacked off quite a bit on the school front.  Josie's been asking everyday when we can start again. 

Truth is, I've been lazy. 

I used to do all my planning after they went to bed, but now that it gets dark at 5:30, I'm wiped by the time they are asleep! 

In my opinion, if it's dark, you should sleep!

But I started feeling guilty and I really didn't want her to lose interest in school so I decided to put a few fun things together for us to do each day.  We are starting B4FIAR again this week.
We are did our Book Advent and another paper chain countdown so that was super fun for her.  Then I added these projects.

We did all the work in 1+1+1=1's Christmas Preschool Pack.

Josie is getting better and better at writing her name!  We're still trying to get the S down and this week started trying to put it in an actual line.

I'm wishing I would have taught her the correct way (with lowercase letters) but she'll get that eventually.

We played lots of games like this counting one from PreKinders.

We made Flower Fairies.  Josie LOVED this and has been playing with it everyday.  It came in a Family Fun kit that I got way on clearance, but you could make it so easy.  It was just 3 pipe cleaners, a wooden bead, and a couple fake flowers.

Josie made some super cute Birthday Hats for our big December Birthday Party!

Is it just me, or is it insanely difficult to make a cone out of a square of paper?!?!

Other then that we've just been doing lots of playing.

I've enjoyed the long break from planning, but am SO excited to dive back into learning this week!


kimmer said...

Super cool! I love, love love that she is learning to write her name! It's so cool! She is doing a great job!