What I Wore Wednesday

Wednesday - Church

Jean Jacket - Gap
Blue Ruffle Shirt - Target
Black Jeggings - Franchescas
Groping Curtesy of Josie

Thursday - Josie's Photoshoot & Date W/ Josie

Grey/Green Striped Shirt - Ann Taylor Loft
Belt - Urban Outfitters
Jeans - Target

Friday - New Year's Festivites at Amber's

What?!?!  I didn't see any of the same people.  Repeat outfits are totally allowed if you didn't see anyone!

Saturday - New Year's Redo

Pink Shirt - Old Navy
Black Dress - Old Navy
Leggings - Target

We had the Mabes over for games since David and Andrew both had to go in to work on New Years and didn't really get to celebrate on Friday.  I did not feel very cute in this outfit.  This dress is getting put up until Summer.

Sunday - Church

Pink Cardi - Franchescas
Bird Shirt - Forever 21
Jeans - Target

We woke up SO late for church so this outfit was a happy accident that I actually really liked!

Monday - Errands w/ Amy and Dinner at Darlene's

Jean Jacket - Gap
Red Tunic - Target
Scarf - Charlotte Russe
Leggings - Target

The red tunic is actually a dress from the kids sections.  Sometimes it pays to be shaped like a 8 year old girl.

Tuesday - Library & Hang Out

White Ruffley Tank - Gap
Grey Cardi - Target
Jeans (that I should have ironed) - Ann Taylor Loft
Necklace - Vintage Pearl


Genn said...

You look great! I have that same ruffled blue Target shirt and I love it!!

Ally's Corner said...

Cute outfits, really like your last one!

Dee said...

Adorable "Happy Accidents!" Oh and the groper is adorable too!

Anonymous said...

You look fantastic in every outfit. I love that you mentioned the red dress being a kid's size. I was thinking along those lines for my future purchase of tights. I'm so petite, why not buy the kids' sizes, and the tights were only $3.99 at Target.

Smart shopping, girl! And I love the ruffled white tank.

Paige said...

Love your outfits and I totally say if no one saw you you are totally legit for a re-wear!

Love the girls tunic!!!!


Anonymous said...

You look so cute everyday!

Denise said...

my girls and i were visiting aunt lindsey's blog (p.p.) and saw a link for "journey to josie" (my youngest is a josie too). we had to come by!

cute outfits. i like your last minute sunday outfit and the white ruffle tank.

Jenbug said...

Great outifts! I love your ruffled white tank!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

I love the outfits! Your style is right up my alley! I have the first top you posted but in a different color & am totally going to belt it up like you did the next time I wear it!

Kathy said...

Your and your husband have the most adorable family . I love the way you put your ourfits together with an upbeat flair I esp liked the leggings, red shirt, scarf and jean jacket -

Kameron said...

I swear you have a much better Target than I do! I never find cute stuff like that! Oh and it is completely fine to rewear an outfit! I do it (ahem) more than I'd like to admit!

Lori said...

Hello I often read your blog and love it. We too are an adoptive family two kiddos 7 & 9. We are currently foster to adopt parents. There is a web site called The Ohio Adoption Photo listing web site. I saw a little girl named Daneya and instantly thought of your family. We are currently in the "waiting process" for a sibling group closer to our children's ages. I wish you luck and many blessing with your beautiful family.

Jodi said...

Love your outfits, especially the cute belted ones, your comments cracked me up too, Love it when an outfit lasts 2 days!

Molly said...

Oh I wear the same outfit in a week all the time!

Who cares when you're at school one day that's an hour away from your hometown... then you're at work the other!?

Cute outifts!!
Love that ruffle tank from GAP in the last picture. So precious!