He's ONE!

Today my baby is a year old.

I don't know the exact time he was born or if labor was difficult.

I can't tell you where he was born or who cut the cord.

But I can tell you the exact moment he became ours.



Bright Eyed and Bald.

This past year hasn't been easy for my baby.

Two open heart surgeries.

Abandoned by everyone he knew.

Shuffled, twice a week, to visit with people he doesn't even recognize.

But this past year hasn't been all bad for my baby.




Made to belong.

From Solemn Faced Baby to Monster Smile Toddler.

Well, almost toddler.

If he could just find his feet.

It took awhile for me to love him.

To let my gaurd down.

To admit I was smitten.

This little man that I never knew I wanted

but now can't imagine my life without.

He caught me off gaurd.

And this love for a second child, the love I was sure I didn't have to give, is all his.

I wish I knew what this next 365 days held for my baby.

I wish I could look in his sparkely brown eyes and assure him that it will be smooth sailing.

But we have hurdles to cross.

Court dates, heart surgeries, prayers to be answered.

But we trust in a God that loves my baby.

Who has plans to prosper and not to harm.

Watching my baby grow the last 8 months has been amazing.

I worked Josie entire first year of life.

And all of her second.

I missed so much.

But not this baby.

I saw him change, grow, develop.

I listened as his voice went from quiet gurgles to glass shattering squeals.

I watched him go from stationary infant to able to cross the room at alaming speeds.

This year has been a wild one for my baby.

And even though I didn't know I wanted him 8 1/2 months ago, this baby has stolen my heart.

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Gabriel Gordon.

Your best is yet to come.

Love, Your Mama

And just because I'm his Mama and allowed to be overly in awe of his cuteness:


Kim said...

If I wasn't in love before.. I am now :)

The Benefields said...

Happy Birthday my sweet chocolate chunk! You came as a complete suprise but fit so perfectly into not just your mommy, daddy, and sisters life but everyone that surrounds them too. This sweet little baby,who has the most humble personality and the deepest brown eyes that hold so much love and promise that it makes my heart cry everytime I look into them. There is not a day that goes by that you aren't on my mind or prayers for you aren't on my lips. I love you more than you'll ever know sweet boy and I'm looking foward to watching you grow again this year and many more to come!

Pipsylou said...

Oh, such a sweet guy!

We have our first little guy here, he's 3 weeks old now. It's so hard when you're trying to keep your guard up!!!!!

You have done a great job, what a SWEET man!

Paige said...

What adorable pictures of him.

Happy Birthday!!

miamihoney said...

Aww, your words for your son are so beautiful. He is such a beautiful baby. I hope that this year is better than your last and that you treasure each moment you have with him.
Thank you for sharing his story, your story with us. Everyone enjoys watching His miracles.

Crystal said...

Happy Birthday to Gabe! Love the pictures and the words made me tear up. He is lucky to have you as his Mama!

Kameron said...

Happiest birthday Gabe!! I will keep praying that God's will is done in the situation. It is so hard to have so much uncertainty surrounding your little guy. He is so lucky to be a part of such a wonderful family!